Patterson Visual Arts is a photography company and studio based in Abingdon Virginia.  We are the umbrella company for two divisions, Patterson Visual Arts and PVA Portraits.  The majority of our work is shot as  Patterson Visual Arts.  This includes our school photography, our business work and our general photography. For our schools, we photograph school portraits, events, sports teams and clubs, and also produce school yearbooks.  For businesses we photograph headshots, business team photos, lifestyle shots and company profile photos to help you showcase and promote your business on the web, in print, or wherever you need to show your best.  We also photograph our weddings, maternity photos, family photos etc. as Patterson Visual Arts.  Check out our Instagram page for more content.

Our portrait work is shot under the PVA Portraits banner.  Have a look at our PORTRAITS page.  We work both in studio and on location and have had the privilege of shooting not only locally but in a number of foreign countries as well including Canada, England, Ireland, Romania, Italy, France, Spain, Greece, Czech Republic, Germany and Hungary.  Check out @PVA_Portraits on Instagram.
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